The traffic of Youtube grows exponentially, every day but of 4 billions of people they enter Youtube to see videos.  This has become a fundamental tool for the companies that want to arrive at their potential clients, since the reach is limitless.

Youtube is the second great web search engine but of the world behind Google.  This causes that the doors of your company are all along open, and you can show but important of your product or service.  Of this form, to emphasize your forts, in what you differences of your competition, the best thing of your company, cause that you can catch clients the 24 hours.  Only with loading videos (regularly Ideal: 1 time per week).

The content of your brand always can €œbe recycle€.  With just a short time and money, pod©s to retake some successful campaign, and to use its content to generate a video. Also pod©s to optimize the recording days to create futures videos, capsules and tips that you could be them raising during the year.

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