Either almost we are in the 2018, and the specialists in digital marketing or must make its duties and to adapt to the changes that Internet proposes.  It is not necessary to lose of view that this is changeable means and the key of the success is to be able to interpret the needs of the consumers, that they also are changing.  It is as well as in the case of the video, that it will continue being tendency in the 2018, also there will be changes.  No longer it is enough with from time to time raising a video, the certainty and is present at permanent by means of this resource, it will be a Must of the brands and companies.  In addition to adding new formats to them, for example the Streaming live.  Ideal to transmit conferences, factories, courses, informative chats, where the spectators can participate and even interact with the disertante.  Season 2018 comes everything in video however, and live!

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