With the aim of always offering a service to the vanguard of the new forms of communication and marketing online, one of the tools differentials that we propose to the brands that usually realise events or launchings of their products are our service of cover live. Since it is a novel and creative tool to approach the brand any consumer who does not have the possibility of being present at the moment by questions of distance or other reasons.

In addition, to realise the cover of your event or launching we make available the high tech more and professionals extremely enabled with experience in this modality, counting on the sufficient previous organization, expeditious work and focusing us in the resolution of unforeseen expenses that could arise from the work in real time. Since we are aiming to give a good service, we are using a cheap vps hosting linux plan. It is very useful especially if you are using Linux operating system. You can also check cheap dedicated server with cpanel and see if you are interested. Or check unlimited bandwidth hosting that can be very helpful as well. Another option is by using cheap managed vps hosting that not only is cheap but it will also give you a very good experience with hosting.

From the birth of audio-visual means, the live transmission is the star between the most showy formats for the public of any heading, at present and with the possibility of having a service of live cover by Internet, this tool it has been harnessed to his maximum expression. The consumers are eager to right away know the last new features their brands and favorite companies in real time and. This modality in addition generates a repercussion through social networks and all type of diffusion mechanisms that hardly are obtained with another type of contents, maximizing the feedback that the own clients offer.

We can realise the live transmission of any type of event, launching, qualification, confers, seminary, award-giving that our clients define, using our great capacity of adaptation to different models from business and headings, thanks to the ample experience on which we always counted at the moment, focusing to us in personalizing the attention and the end item according to the needs of each client.


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