One of the products that we more enjoyed to do are the animated videos, since they contribute a great value of knowledge of the brand and in addition they offer an excellent end item to an optimized cost and focusing in the needs of the client, where the benefits of the digital world are maximized.

We know that the video marketing is the tool par excellence of all strategy of digital communication, for that reason and whereas clause that 90% of the internauts videos see online and them use to decide on their purchases, is that we emphasized on the animated videos. They have several advantages with respect to other formats of corporative videos: First of all, the content can be more versatile still, than in the other formats of video marketing. It can adapt to different platforms, social networks, distribution by e-mail, TV, cinema, campaigns of adwords and more. On the other hand, to the hour to create animated videos, our digital artists and publishers have more tools to develop and to let fly the creativity, extremely showy contents can be realised and funny for the users, using new resources and in addition the public will see them as entertainment and not as publicity, since it is a novel and innovating format, all this added to that these concepts will be associated automatically to your brand.

Another one of the advantages that this format offers is that the users consider it easier to understand and easy to remember, the public will feel more identified with a character 2D or 3D whom with any actor with a defined physical profile more, avoiding any stereotype or characterization and also the possibility offers of being eternal, the characters and scenes do not age, they do not change and they do not change because simply they are fictitious.

One of the great benefits is the originality that it provides to realise this type of videos facing the universal infinite of contents that exist in the Web, as much corporative as of entertainment, there will be no an equal video to another one, since this unique format allows to create aesthetic and an identity in relation to the objectives of your brand, product or service and will allow a better search engine optimization you thanks to its attractive major from the point of view of the public.

Within the universe of new products and services it is the intangible product segment, this format of animated videos provides the ideal solution for this product type, that could easily be represented through a character, animated object, graphical, scheme or any resource available and to foment the interactivity of your clients as well, through opinions commentaries, dialogue with characters, pursuit of histories and much more, this will be a great contribution for any objective of branding or engagement, that is to say creation of community and property towards your clients, to interact with contained characters and creates an identification with the brand and product that is promoted.

Thanks to our ample experience we know that an animated video will be much more simple in terms of accomplishment, against any other content in video since the times of production, running, assembly, illumination, sound, edition of a real video they are prolonged and they depend on the work of several people, however in the case of animated videos platforms benefits of accomplishment are realised generally by a same person and in shorter times due to the software and that exist and because in addition also it is shorter contents. The time recommended for an animated video is among 30 a second and minute at the most, since it is the average of attention of the users in front of this type of contents in the Web.

The most significant advantage that they have tools as this, is the low cost. No other tool allows to have a so good balance cost/benefits as to make an animated video telling to in question public the brand, an event, the use of a device or any type of content. With animated videos you will be able to reflect from the fall of an airplane, a multitudinal celebration, an intelligent building and infinite abstract situations or any situation that allow your imagination you, including all in a same video, whereas all that would imply the highest costs of equipment, running, edition and post-production if we realised it in a real video, including in videos realised in HD the relation cost and benefit of an animated video will be considerably better than the one of any audio-visual product, in addition will be much more simple to publish to future in case of to be necessary some modification of data, dates, names, will be able to be modified with the help of any professional of the digital art, whereas in the real videos it would be necessary to return to mount the scene and to engage the same actors and to practically realise the video again.

By all this and more it is than we widely recommended to our clients the accomplishment of this type of contents, is as institutional or corporative, tutorial video, of presentation or launching of new products or for the diffusion of any message through multiple channels in line with the rest of the communications of the company. You do not doubt in contacting us to be able to approach a proposal in accordance with to you your business, customized for your product and economic possibilities.


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