In Gou! we specialized in the creation of audio-visual content, a format of key communication in the digital era not only in view of million that find in the videos online the purest entertainment, but also for those companies and professionals who wish to occur to know before an ample public, of a direct and effective way.

Our company stands out by the generation of attractive and friendly videos that generate a true impact in clients and potentials clients.

Between the services of Gou! the tutorial videos, a type of content very looked for in Internet stand out, and that the internauts always are thankful. That yes, so that a tutorial is successful must be created following quality parameters, adopting the own language of each means, and with contents that generate empathy with the public. The idea is to offer a positive image of your brand and to aim at the correct target.

The primary objective of a tutorial video is to approach specialized experiences and knowledge the public, always offering a content that is from interest for the hearing. Later, the goal is to widen your portfolio of clients, to take a greater traffic to the situated Web of the company, to increase the number of followers in the social networks, et cetera. Unlike a typical institutional video, the tutorial tries to offer a value differential beyond the presentation of a product or service; that one value differential is the knowledge, that must well be transmitted and indeed shown.

So that a tutorial gives a positive image of the brand and obtains the greater possible impact in Internet, the video must be realised of professional way. For example, don't mention it they will serve the expressed knowledge if the quality of the video is not the suitable one. In this point it is important to consider that most of the purchase decisions in line are influenced by videos.

With more than 10 years of experience, In Gou! we have all the necessary one so that your tutorial videos fulfill the conditions to achieve the success. Also we specialized in animated videos, product presentations, live transmissions, and more. You do not doubt in by telephone approaching your consultations to us or 54 11 5424 5894.


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