Focusing always in offering a cheapest dedicated server service to us modern and aligned to the era the 2,0 and new forms of communication and marketing online, one of the tools differentials that we propose to the brands and companies is our service of streaming in Argentina, since it is a novel and creative tool to give a value him added to the brand in front of any consumer.

One of the areas that incorporated more this tool is surprise very traditional mass media that have known to adapt to all the eras, for that reason also we offer a complete service of streaming for radio, because we know that to complement the work of the great art to make radio, it is necessary to offer to the listeners other interactive possibilities of communication.

From the home of the audio-visual communication, the live transmission is friendliest of the tools and most attractive for the consumers of any brand. At the moment, and with the invaluable option to count on a service of streaming of live video, the possibilities are optimized that the audio-visual world offers.

At present and thanks to the massive access to the technology, the consumers extremely are familiarized with this type of platforms, and more and more wish to know products and services through diverse formats and channels, that surpass day to day in creativity and design. In addition to all that, the live transmission offers the possibility of generating repercussions impensadas through social channels and platforms of diffusion online, taking advantage of the feedback that the same consumers generate.

We invited to you to contact itself to be able to tell all the details you of our service and to approach a proposal to you in accordance with your vps hosting company, being personalized each detail.


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